Monday, October 8, 2018

Something More about Sofa Tables

We've blogged before about Sofa Tables but thought we'd take another look at this piece of furniture that definitely adds that distinctive touch to our home decor.
Our furniture is the main factor that turns our "house" into our "home" as it makes up the main decor of our homes.  So, it go without saying, choose carefully!
Our living room furniture is the most used furniture in our home.  That's where we gather to watch TV, to entertain family and friends and to just relax.  Usually our drinks and/or snacks end up on the Sofa Table.
The Sofa Table has been in existence since the 17th century.  Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, they became a functional furniture trademark in homes throughout Europe and the United States.  Initially, Sofa Tables were made of wood, but today materials such as metal, glass or less expensive synthetic woods are used for construction.
Sofa Tables are made to rest against the back of our sofa.  They are tall and narrow which makes them fit but saves space at the same time.  You can sometimes find Sofa Tables to coordinate with your existing living room decor.  Plus, you gain extra storage and usage from your Sofa Table.  This helps keep your living room neat and clean looking.
If you only have one sofa, the you'll probably need only one Sofa Table.  If, however, you have the L-shaped sofa, you may need a couple Sofa Tables to accommodate both sections.
Sofa Tables should be close to the length of your sofa - not sticking out beyond the ends and not too short to be accessible for the entire sofa.