Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bedroom Enhancements

Bedroom Enhancements - how can we enhance the look and feel our bedrooms?  How can we add the  "Zen" to our decorating?

One of the many enhancements in our bedrooms is storage.  First, we need to know what we're looking for - the furniture and the storage.  Storage enhancement sounds a little different but there are some great bedroom storage pieces that can add great beauty and atmosphere to our bedrooms.  

Another way to enhance our bedrooms is in our linens.  Sheets are very important to our comfort.  We need to pay attention to the thread count and the fibers used in our sheets.  High thread counts make for a softer feel.  Fibers are also important and we need to be aware of these.  Some fibers, special the synthetic fibers do not "breathe" well and are not comfortable while we sleep.  Egyptian cottons and bamboo blends are some of the softest cottons used.  Sheets marked "sateen" will have a silky touch on the surface of your sheets.  
Next comes our blanket or quilt we will use.  It is recommended that blankets be lightweight.  The waffle weave or a lightweight merino wool blanket are good choices.
As for our top layer - the traditional quilts or bedspreads are usually neat and tidy but sometimes lack warmth in colder weather.  Comforters are fluffy and  pretty and also a good source for warmth but these usually need to dry cleaned or laundered in a bigger commercial washer.

Some people suggest "Zen" designs and to make our bedrooms our haven we should:
      remove all TV's = distraction
      be relaxed and without distraction or worry when we go to our bedrooms
      clean out the clutter in our bedrooms
Designing with "Zen" emphasizes harmony of all pieces and uses natural materials for decorating as much as possible.

So, let's try some bedroom enhancements and make our bedrooms a really special place to be.