Friday, April 27, 2018

The Dining Room Table

Buying a new dining room table set can be a lot of fun.  We know that the typical pieces are the table and the chairs - anywhere from two to twelve chairs depending on how much space you have available.  Also, there are other accent pieces you can consider - the side table, buffet, a china cabinet or a hutch (maybe a corner hutch?).  The amount of space in your dining room or kitchen will determine what pieces to add to your dining room/kitchen set.

There are many dining room tables available for purchase.  Some experts say to buy only the solid wood tables because the medium density fiberboard construction have soft surfaces and can chip easily.  Also, the finish can come off pretty easily on these tables.  Therefore, these don't seem to be the best investment for you in the long run.  The wood sets are preferred for their durability as well as their beauty.

There are glass top tables that are very popular. They are made of tempered glass to assist in their durability.  The metal framing and legs on these dining room/kitchen tables gives your kitchen or dining room a modern look and feel.

Usually a kitchen set is used more that our dining room table sets.  The dining room tends to be a more formal setting than your kitchen set depending on your taste.  The casual or kitchen set is used more in the kitchen area than in your dining room. 

Before you buy, make sure you  go to a store and feel the wood, ask questions about the product construction and quality of materials, then choose the best one for your sense of style and budget.  Many believe it is better to purchase a set already assembled than to order online and have to deal with the assembly - may save you some time and money.

Have fun looking and purchasing your new dining room table set.

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