Monday, April 2, 2018

Decorating the Living Room

I recently started thinking about redecorating my Living Room.  Not sure of the challenges I would face, I looked on the Internet and found several articles that were a great help.  I found out that I could do this myself and not have to hire a professional decorator.  This will save some money, I'm sure.
First suggestion was to sketch my living room (to scale) and then sketch in the furniture where I want it.  I like this because it will save me from having to move the actual furniture when I get it ready to place.  A good thing about the sketch - I can change the placement of my furniture all I want on that and save my back!
Another suggestion was to figure out my decorating style.  Do I want the more Traditional American style or do I want to go with the more Modern or Contemporary design? 
With the Modern or Contemporary design, I need to choose accents and fabrics that are more light or breezy.  The more satiny fabrics, chintz, silk fabrics and other smooth fabrics carry out the clean modern look in my Living Room. 
The more Traditional American decorating style is usually the solid woods in natural shades. With this style, I would probably go with accents and fabrics more prone to a more rugged nature.  Calico, cotton, leather - even nubby rugs can be used.  This makes for a more natural, maybe even an "outdoorsy" style of decorating for my Living Room.
Of course, there are other things to consider but I thought this was a prelude to doing my own decorating.  So I can decorate my Living Room myself without the professional.  Checking the Internet for solutions was a good way to get me started in the right direction for decorating my Living Room.  I can't wait to see how this looks when I'm finished!

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