Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Garden Accents and Decor

Believe it or not, Spring is just around the corner.  With thoughts of Spring, our minds turn toward the outside - our gardens, our backyards, our porches, our decks and our patios.  What can we do to make these a place of serenity and beauty.

Let's look at some of the things regarding our outdoor garden accents and decor. 

Your garden should reflect you -  your personality, your charm. your whimsy and your tastes.  Dress your garden with accents as you would a favorite room in your home.  As with your room, be careful not overcrowd your outdoor - whether garden, patio, porch or backyard.  You won't be able to enjoy it if it is full of "busyness".  One good thing about garden accents & decor is that they can be changed or rearranged to give you variety in these areas.  Your garden accents & decor are a fun way to make your garden area your own!

Your garden accents depend on what you like and the size and type of garden you have.  If you find something you really like for your garden, use it!

Such things as: 
  •  Gates - free standing or part of an existing fencing can add detail to your garden.  This can be a wonderful place for a special wreath or for decorating the entire area.
  • Pretty decorative planters made of many materials can add just that touch you are looking for to complete your decor.
  • Furniture - your garden furniture should be inviting to sit and enjoy your garden area.
  • Bird baths and bird feeders - both are an enjoyable addition to any garden.
  • Statues, large or small, give interest to your garden and are easily found since they are very plentiful. 

Water fountains, gazing balls, stepping stones, even sundials and much more are all available to make your garden come alive and give you that restful, comfortable feeling as you enjoy your time outside.  Remember the garden accents & decor make a wonderful addition to your enjoyment this Spring.

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