Monday, January 29, 2018

Area Rugs - Some Things to Consider

Buying an area rug is a task that you should certainly enjoy.  But, be aware, there are things to consider when making this purchase as is true with all your home furnishings.

Area Rugs are good natural insulators.  They cut down the noise levels in your home and offer comfort to your tired bare feet.  They add color and style to your room and can be the centerpiece of your room.  They can serve as the focal point and help set the overall look of your room .

Area rugs come in many sizes.  Determine the size of your area where you will put this rug and then you can shop more confidently.

What shape of area rug do you need/want?  There are rectangular rugs, octagon rugs, square rugs, round  rugs and of course, runners.

What color will you use?  This is a very important consideration as you need to coordinate the color of you area rug to your home decor and color scheme.

What rug construction will work best for you?  Rugs are woven in many different styles and fabrics.  Wool rugs are considered the most popular and more durable than others.  You can also look at Cotton, Jute, Bamboo or Nylon rugs for you home. 

Pick the  area rug that works best for your home decor.

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