Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bathroom Accessories

When thinking about changing, redoing our bathroom, it can involve a bit of real innovative thinking on our part.  Whether we remodel the bathroom or just do a makeover, a good starting point to consider is what Bathroom Accessories will make the task easier and more cost effective.

Maybe you've seen a magazine article that really appeals to you.  But, be careful.  Just because that picture/layout is beautiful, don't forget to include your personality, your charm and your design in this makeover.  Bathroom Accessories play an important part in bathroom changes.  The pictures, rugs, towels and towel racks, soap dispensers, soap dishes, baskets, shower curtains and lighting are some of the bathroom accessories that need to be considered.

Find a theme for your bathroom and then synchronize all your accessories and changes to make your bathroom just what you want.

Space:     The space in your bathroom - is it small, large or in between.  Sometimes, you many want to do a mini makeover and then add the bathroom accessories to bring abut a new, functional look to your bathroom.

Budget:    How much money is allotted to this?  Don't forget the bathroom decor or theme.  The fixtures, the bathroom accessories and paint should be a part of your budget.  Always add 10-25% over budget to account for the unexpected.

So, go ahead.  Look at your space available, choose your theme, establish your budget and then get started on your bathroom makeover.

Have fun! 

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