Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Office Lamps

When you start to put the lighting and lamps in your office, it becomes as personal as choosing your eye glasses or what earrings to wear with what outfit.  Office lamps should be purchased depending on where they will be used, what you will be doing - reading, studying, working and how easily they accommodate your eyes. 

One article I checked out talked about halogen bulbs in your desk lamps.  While the halogen bulbs are the brightest bulbs you can buy, they may not be the best for you.  Halogen bulbs are really bright and can cause contrast and glare while you're reading/studying.  This tends to tire your eyes, and subjecting your eyes to this over a long period of time can affect or damage the retina.  Some say that the halogen bulbs have a very subtle, barely discernible flicker that that can strain your eyes.  Light from the halogen bulb is really concentrated and shines only on one page of a book and does not cover the surrounding areas of your desk.

There are many other types of office lamps that use the incandescent bulbs (energy savings!).  If you like the really bright office lamp, try using the full spectrum light bulb in your lamp.  This is the more "natural" light that some people really like.

Office lamps come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.  You should be able to move your office lamps around to fit your desk/work station/table. 

You need to think about designing the specific lighting needs for your office.
Be as energy efficient as possible.  Make your office lamp(s) coordinate with your office in style, design and color as well as your overall home decor.  Office lamps are a must, but they should also show off your personality and sense of style. 

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