Monday, October 9, 2017

Home Office Accents and Accessories

Decorating the home office seems so simple, yet when we take the time to look at it, it can be more involved than we thought. Our Office Accents and Accessories cover a wide range of "stuff". 

Even though the office may be small in area, you can design practical, functional home offices that exemplify your personality and style while considering your space options.  Your office includes the desk or work station, storage, shelving, lighting and the office accents and accessories you use.  The desk is usually the most used piece of furniture and the focal point of your office.  So let's decorate around this.  The color of the walls, the lighting, the organization and storage are all areas for consideration when decorating.

Let's take a look:
Wall Color     Essential to functions of the home office as it create the "mood" when you enter.  Do you want the color to blend with your home decor color?  Do you want your colors bold or more calming?
Lighting:       Ambient lighting provides light for the entire room/area. 
                      Task lighting is directional/focused lighting for reading, paper work, working on the computer, even for the printer.
                      Accent lighting is optional but can add that decorative touch that makes your office display your personality and charm.

Placement of your desk/work station is an important factor to consider in the decorating of your home office.  The desk/work station needs to be arranged in the most productive layout.  Your storage area should have easy accessibility to the desk/work station.

The Office Accents and Accessories can be those favorite family photos or pictures that are relaxing for you.  Flowers or potted plants can add a wonderful accent to this area.  A table lamp that reflects your personal touch can be added and make a big difference.  Some people offer the idea of a small water fountain or aquarium to add relaxation to your office.

You can create the home office by using office accents and accessories that personalize and complement your home decor.  Your office just needs to be practical and functional but show off your personality  yet retain the professionalism of what your home office is all about.

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