Sunday, October 1, 2017

Choosing Our Living Room Lighting

I've been trying to redo my living room lighting and needed some help.  So... research started again for me. 

We tend to use our living rooms every day and for multiple functions.  We watch TV, we read, we play, we do crafts, etc.   We spend a lot time there.  We also spend a lot of time choosing the colors, the furniture and the accessories needed for this area of our home.  We should also consider our living room lighting.  

As I've already noted, this room serves many purposes so it should have lighting sufficient for every function we use this room for.  The main light should offer a large amount of light for the living room.  This is usually overhead (though not always) and is the focal point in your living room.  We need to choose something in accordance with our home decor - inviting, bold or creative but also be decorative.

Our living room table lights are available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and styles.  How relaxing to end your day by cutting off the main overhead light and turn on the living room table or floor lamps for softer lighting and a more relaxing mood.

We need to make sure we are using the living room lighting - the lamps, wall sconces, accent and task lights - to create that perfect ambiance.  The ambiance of our living room not only includes the living room lighting but also the wall colors, area rugs, curtains or blinds and our furniture.

Here's some tips to consider when choosing our living room lighting.

In smaller homes, recessed lighting takes up less space and gives your living room a roomier feel.

We need to use as much natural light as possible.  It's free and it's the best quality lighting there is. 

With large windows, we can use sheere drapery, blinds or glazed panes to diffuse some of this light.

Make sure we have the proper amount of light so as to avoid eyestrain.  Insufficient lighting can cause frequent headaches.

Combine different kinds of  light bulb - halogen, LED, flourescent or warm lights in your living room lamps to fit your room's setting.

Have fun and enjoy your new living room lighting!

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