Friday, October 27, 2017

Bedroom Linens Make a Difference

Looking for a new bedroom decor?  The bedroom linens are the cheapest, most economical way to do this.  Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a personal get away where you express your favorite colors, collections and feelings.

It's been suggested that you use the more subtle colors for your bedroom walls since you can then have more flexibility in choosing your bedroom linens and sometimes even your furniture.  The more subtle colors for your walls give you the opportunity to choose bedroom linens that will show off your personality and charm.

First though, you need the mattress that fits your body.  Do you like the soft, the firm or the pillow top?  There are many options available, so make sure you're happy with your mattress.  We all need a good night's rest, so our mattress is so very important.  With so many style possibilities, it will then be easy to make your bedroom a sanctuary for you.

Your bedroom linens should allow you to feel comfortable and give you a good night's rest.  The texture, the color and the types of bedroom linens are so important for this.  Manufacturers of bedroom linens are always searching for new ideas and there is now a huge variety of colors and patterns to choose from to make your bedroom what you want.  Some people choose to change their bedroom linens to show off the seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and even Christmas - this is another option to consider.

So:  Very important - use the subtle paint colors for your walls
        Choose your bedroom linens (buy the best quality you can afford)
        Add your personality by choosing the bedroom linens that say "YOU"
        Enjoy the seasons by changing your bedroom linens for every seasons
        HAVE FUN?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Our Warm and Welcoming Kitchen Using Accents

Today, more often than not, our kitchen is usually a place to complete chores on our never ending to do list  - all the time.  But if we find an accent theme that enables you to work tirelessly in your kitchen, then you can enjoy your kitchen for its versatility instead of the dislike of the never ending task list.

Kitchen accents are certainly a way to spruce up the look of your kitchen.  Constant pieces can infuse immediate flair into your kitchen.  Designer Jeffrey Alan Parks says "Something as simple as displaying beautiful china can change the feel of a room."  What about wall paintings, scented candles, and of course, that scent of the home cooked meal?  All these can play an important role in adding to your kitchen accents.

Consider all the kitchen accents available today in the market place. You can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen by tying ideal accents together with you home decor.   Accenting your kitchen doesn't need to be hard or difficult.  It should be a fun and creative time to change and enhance that drab space into a place that says great!  If you're considering a country theme for your kitchen, the possibilities are endless.  Rooster themed wall clocks, a country style bread box, a mug tree, paper towel and napkin holders are all pieces that you may want to consider.  Also, pot holders, oven mitts, towels, chair pads and placemats that  boast the same pattern can usually be found pretty easily. 

Color schemes are basic.  When remodeling your kitchen, you can find ways to apply a color scheme to your kitchen decor and then coordinate your kitchen accents.  Use hand painted canisters or storage boxesto help bring out the undertones of your color scheme.  Maybe some pretty stencils to enhance the color of your room.  Wall stencils come in all kinds of shapes and themes, so this shouldn't be to hard to coordinate your kitchen color scheme.  Some pretty painted pottery could also be used to accent your kitchen. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Home Office Accents and Accessories

Decorating the home office seems so simple, yet when we take the time to look at it, it can be more involved than we thought. Our Office Accents and Accessories cover a wide range of "stuff". 

Even though the office may be small in area, you can design practical, functional home offices that exemplify your personality and style while considering your space options.  Your office includes the desk or work station, storage, shelving, lighting and the office accents and accessories you use.  The desk is usually the most used piece of furniture and the focal point of your office.  So let's decorate around this.  The color of the walls, the lighting, the organization and storage are all areas for consideration when decorating.

Let's take a look:
Wall Color     Essential to functions of the home office as it create the "mood" when you enter.  Do you want the color to blend with your home decor color?  Do you want your colors bold or more calming?
Lighting:       Ambient lighting provides light for the entire room/area. 
                      Task lighting is directional/focused lighting for reading, paper work, working on the computer, even for the printer.
                      Accent lighting is optional but can add that decorative touch that makes your office display your personality and charm.

Placement of your desk/work station is an important factor to consider in the decorating of your home office.  The desk/work station needs to be arranged in the most productive layout.  Your storage area should have easy accessibility to the desk/work station.

The Office Accents and Accessories can be those favorite family photos or pictures that are relaxing for you.  Flowers or potted plants can add a wonderful accent to this area.  A table lamp that reflects your personal touch can be added and make a big difference.  Some people offer the idea of a small water fountain or aquarium to add relaxation to your office.

You can create the home office by using office accents and accessories that personalize and complement your home decor.  Your office just needs to be practical and functional but show off your personality  yet retain the professionalism of what your home office is all about.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Choosing Our Living Room Lighting

I've been trying to redo my living room lighting and needed some help.  So... research started again for me. 

We tend to use our living rooms every day and for multiple functions.  We watch TV, we read, we play, we do crafts, etc.   We spend a lot time there.  We also spend a lot of time choosing the colors, the furniture and the accessories needed for this area of our home.  We should also consider our living room lighting.  

As I've already noted, this room serves many purposes so it should have lighting sufficient for every function we use this room for.  The main light should offer a large amount of light for the living room.  This is usually overhead (though not always) and is the focal point in your living room.  We need to choose something in accordance with our home decor - inviting, bold or creative but also be decorative.

Our living room table lights are available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and styles.  How relaxing to end your day by cutting off the main overhead light and turn on the living room table or floor lamps for softer lighting and a more relaxing mood.

We need to make sure we are using the living room lighting - the lamps, wall sconces, accent and task lights - to create that perfect ambiance.  The ambiance of our living room not only includes the living room lighting but also the wall colors, area rugs, curtains or blinds and our furniture.

Here's some tips to consider when choosing our living room lighting.

In smaller homes, recessed lighting takes up less space and gives your living room a roomier feel.

We need to use as much natural light as possible.  It's free and it's the best quality lighting there is. 

With large windows, we can use sheere drapery, blinds or glazed panes to diffuse some of this light.

Make sure we have the proper amount of light so as to avoid eyestrain.  Insufficient lighting can cause frequent headaches.

Combine different kinds of  light bulb - halogen, LED, flourescent or warm lights in your living room lamps to fit your room's setting.

Have fun and enjoy your new living room lighting!