Friday, September 8, 2017

Our Kitchen and Dining Room Table

Research that I've done recently show that kitchen updates are at the top of the list for remodeling/updating.  And it's true - our kitchen and dining room is a very important part of our homes and our daily life.

When buying our kitchen and/or dining room tables, there are some things we need to consider.

The kitchen table is where our meals are usually taken.  Kitchen tables come in a wide range of style as well as size and finishes.  Sometimes they are very simple as in the Mission styling which is usually a basic functional top which rests on four plain legs.  There are also the adjustable tables which serve well as a space saver if we have limited space for our kitchen table.  There are several options for our kitchen table.  We just need to get the one we're most comfortable with in our space.

Dining room tables are usually more formal than the kitchen table.  It should encourage the more serious or the more romantic theme.  The dining room displays a welcome for friends and visitors to relax and stay a while.

So, let's do our research:
1)     Determine the type, size and material of the table we need.
2)     Is this table for our kitchen or dining room?
3)     Take note of our home decor - especially our kitchen and dining areas.
4)     Choose the style.  Many styles are rectangular, but there are also the round, square, or oval styles for consideration.

There are many, many kitchen and dining room tables on the market today.  Let's start looking and have fun redoing/remodeling/updating our kitchen and dining room areas with a new table.  It will make a difference!

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