Friday, August 4, 2017

Small Appliances for Your Home

When we stop and take a look at all the small appliances in our home, we should be amazed!  The toaster, the blender, the mixer - both hand held and stand alone, the coffee maker (yes!), the toaster oven, the food processor, the digital clock radio and the list goes on and on!  Life without all these small(?) conveniences would be a little more complicated than we like to think about.

But did you ever think about the Microwave as being a small appliance?  Unless you buy the huge gigantic commercial Microwave, you are probably buying a small appliance.  Same goes for the vacuum cleaner and the sewing machine.  No home should ever be without the vacuum because even though we have the brooms and sweepers, they do not reach down and suction out the debris from the carpets, sofa and sofa cushions.  Of course, the sewing machine may not be used as much today, but it is an important tool for making/repairing clothing or for making curtains and other items for your home decor.

Buying these small appliances can sometimes be expensive.  Consider buying them on sale - especially around the holidays.  It seems every retailer has them on sale then.  Sometimes buying on the internet is a less expensive option for the same product.  Buying reconditioned appliances may not appeal to a lot of people but they are repaired and brought back to brand new standards and work just as well as brand new.  Thrift stores may be a place to look for these items.  

Wherever you decide to purchase your small appliances for your home, remember to buy the best quality that your budget will allow.

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