Thursday, August 24, 2017

Living in the Living Room

Our living room furniture is the one area that you can use more leeway to make a design that you will love and be "out of the box".

First, pick our your living room furniture.  We know that pricing, quality and design play such important roles in getting the right furniture for you.  This furniture should last a long time, so we want it to be as comfortable as possible plus have the design that exhibits YOU.

If you are design oriented, picking out your living room furniture and accessories will be less daunting than for us who have to actually see before we can choose.  But there are furniture store sales people that can help you design and let you see the possibilities with the living room furniture that you choose.

Think about the functionality  of this piece or pieces of furniture.  It should be comfortable and the accents that surround your furniture should make it a place to "live".  Don't over crowd your room with excess pieces.

Your colors should create a focal point.  By doing this, it will be easier to design and layout the rest of your living room.

There are many styles of living room furniture to choose from today.  The traditional style of furniture usually portrays elegance but not extravagance.  Floral patterns are great for couches, accent chairs, pillows even curtains or other window dressings.  Add your living room accents as a final touch for the traditional look.

Cottage style living room furniture brings white couches or chairs.  Maybe some white wicker with floral cushions.  Pastel colors help create the cottage look. This living room furniture tends to be more feminine than some other types.

There is also the Oriental, Mediterranean and other styles that  may be of interest to you.  Consider your style, check out your pricing and quality and then have FUN finding the living room furniture that you love!

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