Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kids Bedroom Furniture - A Family Affair

When furnishing/designing our child's room, one of the first things to consider is the child's likes  and dislikes.  Does she like pink? purple?  princesses? a special music idol?  etc.  Does he like the super heroes?  Lego's?  cars? etc.

We may want the kids room furniture to reflect a theme that our child really likes.  We need to let our children in on the decorating and furniture selection for their room because this should be one of their favorite places - this is where they end their day and began a new one.  Let them be involved.   If they have a comfortable room furnished with things they  enjoy, bedtime may be easier for us!

Consideration for what our children actually need should be part of our selection.  Budget may play an important part of this, hence having our children involved may make the decisions easier.  Find our what your children want, let them know budget limits (give yourself a little flexibility here) and then start looking.

Sometimes we may be able to find some lightly used kids room furniture at yard sales or in newspaper advertising.  Shopping online at discount stores with deep discounts may also be an option we can research.  Some of these stores have free shipping!  We can also sell any excess furniture in their room and apply that toward the purchase of new furniture.  We can also build the kids room furniture around pieces they already have and want to hang on to thereby saving some money in the process.

Bedding can add the depth and character to our children's rooms.  They need to be comfortable and something they enjoy after a hard day at play or work.

Research your  kids room furniture, put their input in the mix along with budget and functionality, then have fun watching their "space" become a reality!

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