Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kids Bedroom Furniture - A Family Affair

When furnishing/designing our child's room, one of the first things to consider is the child's likes  and dislikes.  Does she like pink? purple?  princesses? a special music idol?  etc.  Does he like the super heroes?  Lego's?  cars? etc.

We may want the kids room furniture to reflect a theme that our child really likes.  We need to let our children in on the decorating and furniture selection for their room because this should be one of their favorite places - this is where they end their day and began a new one.  Let them be involved.   If they have a comfortable room furnished with things they  enjoy, bedtime may be easier for us!

Consideration for what our children actually need should be part of our selection.  Budget may play an important part of this, hence having our children involved may make the decisions easier.  Find our what your children want, let them know budget limits (give yourself a little flexibility here) and then start looking.

Sometimes we may be able to find some lightly used kids room furniture at yard sales or in newspaper advertising.  Shopping online at discount stores with deep discounts may also be an option we can research.  Some of these stores have free shipping!  We can also sell any excess furniture in their room and apply that toward the purchase of new furniture.  We can also build the kids room furniture around pieces they already have and want to hang on to thereby saving some money in the process.

Bedding can add the depth and character to our children's rooms.  They need to be comfortable and something they enjoy after a hard day at play or work.

Research your  kids room furniture, put their input in the mix along with budget and functionality, then have fun watching their "space" become a reality!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Living in the Living Room

Our living room furniture is the one area that you can use more leeway to make a design that you will love and be "out of the box".

First, pick our your living room furniture.  We know that pricing, quality and design play such important roles in getting the right furniture for you.  This furniture should last a long time, so we want it to be as comfortable as possible plus have the design that exhibits YOU.

If you are design oriented, picking out your living room furniture and accessories will be less daunting than for us who have to actually see before we can choose.  But there are furniture store sales people that can help you design and let you see the possibilities with the living room furniture that you choose.

Think about the functionality  of this piece or pieces of furniture.  It should be comfortable and the accents that surround your furniture should make it a place to "live".  Don't over crowd your room with excess pieces.

Your colors should create a focal point.  By doing this, it will be easier to design and layout the rest of your living room.

There are many styles of living room furniture to choose from today.  The traditional style of furniture usually portrays elegance but not extravagance.  Floral patterns are great for couches, accent chairs, pillows even curtains or other window dressings.  Add your living room accents as a final touch for the traditional look.

Cottage style living room furniture brings white couches or chairs.  Maybe some white wicker with floral cushions.  Pastel colors help create the cottage look. This living room furniture tends to be more feminine than some other types.

There is also the Oriental, Mediterranean and other styles that  may be of interest to you.  Consider your style, check out your pricing and quality and then have FUN finding the living room furniture that you love!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Accenting Your Bedroom

We’ve talked some about the bedroom furniture but what about those bedroom accents that will increase the beauty, the functionality and will also enhance the character and charm of your bedroom?  Our bedroom décor needs to be as attractive as possible.  After all, we spend about one third of our lives in this room.

Bedroom Accents offer a wide selection of items to choose from and you can certainly find just the perfect bedroom accents pieces to complete your bedroom décor.  One of our first considerations is our bedding – pillows, comforters, comforter sets, pillow shams and quilts.  Also. Our pictures, mirrors, curtains and blinds, even area rugs that will make your bedroom the best ever!

Bed benches/chests can be a very useful bedroom accent.  It can be used for added storage and makes an ideal place to sit your purse, a convenient place to sit while you put on your shoes and socks and even a holding station for your laundry until you can get it put away.

The bedroom vanity is another bedroom accent piece.  It looks like a small table or a writing desk but it is the place for your personal “beauty spot” as well as storage for your beauty products.

Blanket/quilt racks, armoires and storage chest are other selections for added bedroom accents.

Even our flooring needs to be considered when choosing our bedroom accents

The best thing we can do is to make a plan, pick your theme and colors then have fun adding your bedroom accents!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bedroom Furniture - Your Way

Our bedroom furniture is one of the most important things in our home decor.  The more relaxed and comfortable your bedroom is, the better night's rest you will have and wake up feeling ready for the new day.   Bedroom furniture is also one of the more expensive items in our home so we need to think of some of the questions when considering purchasing new bedroom furniture.

One of the first things to consider is pricing.  Give yourself an amount to spend, decide how much that amount can be stretched, decide what type of  bedroom furniture you are needing (master bedroom, kids room, guest room) and then began your search.  Being flexible with your budget is okay when you are totally convinced that you have found what you want - only then will it be a good buy for you.

People have their own ideas as to what they want their bedroom to look like.  Do you like the light and cheerful or something a little darker to set a more mellow atmosphere for your bedroom?  Think of how you want to feel in your bedroom - certainly relaxed and comfortable.  Your bedroom furniture can certainly reflect your personality.  Search for the characteristics that you would like reflected in your bedroom.  Do you want your furniture to be elegant and stylish or maybe simple and functional?  Some people prefer their bedroom furniture to be made of oak which is very classy but also emulates subdued elegance for your home. There are other woods that can be used and still have that elegance that you desire for your home.

Another consideration to think about is the size of your bedroom furniture.  Make sure the furniture you pick fits in your allotted bedroom space.   Furniture too big will hamper movement and flow in your bedroom.  While it is true that some people have lots of space, many bedrooms are more limited in space so make sure your bedroom furniture fits your space.

Be sure to check several resources before buying your bedroom furniture.  Check the sales, check the Internet, check the newspaper ad (maybe some used bedroom furniture will be more in line with budget and tastes)  Again, decide how much you can afford, then you'll have a much better idea of how much to spend on this important part of your home decor.

Have Fun!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Small Appliances for Your Home

When we stop and take a look at all the small appliances in our home, we should be amazed!  The toaster, the blender, the mixer - both hand held and stand alone, the coffee maker (yes!), the toaster oven, the food processor, the digital clock radio and the list goes on and on!  Life without all these small(?) conveniences would be a little more complicated than we like to think about.

But did you ever think about the Microwave as being a small appliance?  Unless you buy the huge gigantic commercial Microwave, you are probably buying a small appliance.  Same goes for the vacuum cleaner and the sewing machine.  No home should ever be without the vacuum because even though we have the brooms and sweepers, they do not reach down and suction out the debris from the carpets, sofa and sofa cushions.  Of course, the sewing machine may not be used as much today, but it is an important tool for making/repairing clothing or for making curtains and other items for your home decor.

Buying these small appliances can sometimes be expensive.  Consider buying them on sale - especially around the holidays.  It seems every retailer has them on sale then.  Sometimes buying on the internet is a less expensive option for the same product.  Buying reconditioned appliances may not appeal to a lot of people but they are repaired and brought back to brand new standards and work just as well as brand new.  Thrift stores may be a place to look for these items.  

Wherever you decide to purchase your small appliances for your home, remember to buy the best quality that your budget will allow.