Friday, July 28, 2017

Comforter Sets for Your Home

Recently, I began to look at the comforter sets I would like to have in my home.  Since the bedroom is the place for peaceful sleep and complete relaxation from a tired and stressful day, the comforter sets can help in this part of your restful night. 

First, what is a comforter?  There are several different definitions.  The capitalized word Comforter refers to the Holy Spirit.  Another definition is a person that gives comfort to those in need.  Still another definition is a long neck scarf – usually knitted.  The last definition will be the one we want to look at.  Comforter means a filled quilted bed covering that provides comfort and/or warmth for the person in that bed.

Your personality, the size of your bed, the quality and the materials used and budget are things we need to consider when selecting our comforter sets.   The cool colors – light blue or green – are a great choice for the calm and relaxation.  Brighter colors – lime, orange or yellow – can brighten up your bedrooms.  Soft pinks are usually picked by the younger girls in your family.  Of course, if you want vibrant (maybe sexy?), you can choose the reds or purples.  Add elegance to your bedroom with a touch of black and white to your decor.

Add the soft, cushy pillows that encourage you to relax and unwind.  Make your bedroom a most welcoming place so that you can be assured of a good night’s rest.

Make sure the quality of your comforter sets are acceptable to your standards.  Some may be cheaper, but the quality and longevity of these are factors you need to consider. 

One last note, don’t make an impulsive decision regarding buying your comforter sets.  Check them out and go for the best!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Buying the Office Desk

Last week I started thinking about our home office and decided that this place could certainly do with a complete makeover!  Starting with the office desk, I found a lot of information  that really will make you stop and think.  What kind of desk do we need?  One that looks pretty?  Sure, but it also needs to be functional for our office.  Your desk needs to be spacious enough for your work area plus your computer, monitor, printer, modems, files and other documents, wiring, etc.  There are many styles to choose from but sometimes this is not an easy task.

Having the space decided, you probably will need  to think about the cost of the desk.  Will it be constructed of metal, wood or the modular models that are in the marketplace now?  You can purchase a used desk if your budget doesn't stretch far enough for a new one.  Also, do you want a pre-made desk or will you go for a custom made desk?

Many people want their office decor to flow with their home decor, so again, what desk will fit the bill?

In all my research I found that our office desk is the pivotal point in our office, so finding the right one might be a little bit of a challenge, but well worth the effort when we've got everything in place.  

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Living Room Accents in Your Space

What about your living room accents?  What look do you want to achieve?  Do you like the modern look?  Contemporary?  Rustic? or Traditional styling?  Do you want the elegant and formal or the comfy and relaxed atmosphere?  Sometimes this is a challenge but the end result will be great!

To start a renovated living room, you may want to start with that new coat of paint - even adding a faux finish or texture to make it really pop.
Then look at living room acccents - pictures, sconces, candleholders, figurines, throw blankets, pillows, mirrors, vases, table lamps and many others that you want and can use.  Coordinate these to make your living room reflect the "feel" or "atmosphere" you want to achieve for the comfort of your family or friends in your living room.  Do you need to purge?  Make your living room clutter free and follow the old adage - "a space for everything and everything in its place".

Some of the framed art pictures can be added to your living room accents that will capture the eye and serve as a focal point for your room.  Usually, the rest of your living should or can be designed around that.  Or, use the framed art piece to accentuate your chosen design scheme.

So many ways to use your living room accents pieces to have the style and comfort that says "you".  Have fun!