Sunday, June 4, 2017

Garden & Outdoor Furniture

The days are longer and we can stay outside more now that Summer is here. Outdoor Furniture will be a big player in our outdoor activities.  But what do we choose?  How big does it need to be?  Is plastic, metal or wood the best option?  How much does it cost?
Research was important - and here are some things we found that we need to consider. For us, it needs to be durable.  Outside, in all kinds of weather, we need something that will last.  Garden, patio or outdoor furniture made of wood is the most popular choice.  Some types of wood require more maintenance than others but are still the better choice.  Wicker furniture is usually painted but it doesn't require a lot of attention. Teak and Jarrah are more durable woods and only require a quick oil or stain every two to three years.
Color is a factor that we considered.  We wanted our Garden & Outdoor Furniture to complement our patio and make our back yard look appealing as well as functional.  The amount of flowers and greenery, the amount of sunlight, the style of our house were all factors in helping us decide what to buy for our Garden & Outdoor Funiture.  Happy Shopping!