Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bathroom Accessories

When thinking about changing, redoing our bathroom, it can involve a bit of real innovative thinking on our part.  Whether we remodel the bathroom or just do a makeover, a good starting point to consider is what Bathroom Accessories will make the task easier and more cost effective.

Maybe you've seen a magazine article that really appeals to you.  But, be careful.  Just because that picture/layout is beautiful, don't forget to include your personality, your charm and your design in this makeover.  Bathroom Accessories play an important part in bathroom changes.  The pictures, rugs, towels and towel racks, soap dispensers, soap dishes, baskets, shower curtains and lighting are some of the bathroom accessories that need to be considered.

Find a theme for your bathroom and then synchronize all your accessories and changes to make your bathroom just what you want.

Space:     The space in your bathroom - is it small, large or in between.  Sometimes, you many want to do a mini makeover and then add the bathroom accessories to bring abut a new, functional look to your bathroom.

Budget:    How much money is allotted to this?  Don't forget the bathroom decor or theme.  The fixtures, the bathroom accessories and paint should be a part of your budget.  Always add 10-25% over budget to account for the unexpected.

So, go ahead.  Look at your space available, choose your theme, establish your budget and then get started on your bathroom makeover.

Have fun! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Office Lamps

When you start to put the lighting and lamps in your office, it becomes as personal as choosing your eye glasses or what earrings to wear with what outfit.  Office lamps should be purchased depending on where they will be used, what you will be doing - reading, studying, working and how easily they accommodate your eyes. 

One article I checked out talked about halogen bulbs in your desk lamps.  While the halogen bulbs are the brightest bulbs you can buy, they may not be the best for you.  Halogen bulbs are really bright and can cause contrast and glare while you're reading/studying.  This tends to tire your eyes, and subjecting your eyes to this over a long period of time can affect or damage the retina.  Some say that the halogen bulbs have a very subtle, barely discernible flicker that that can strain your eyes.  Light from the halogen bulb is really concentrated and shines only on one page of a book and does not cover the surrounding areas of your desk.

There are many other types of office lamps that use the incandescent bulbs (energy savings!).  If you like the really bright office lamp, try using the full spectrum light bulb in your lamp.  This is the more "natural" light that some people really like.

Office lamps come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.  You should be able to move your office lamps around to fit your desk/work station/table. 

You need to think about designing the specific lighting needs for your office.
Be as energy efficient as possible.  Make your office lamp(s) coordinate with your office in style, design and color as well as your overall home decor.  Office lamps are a must, but they should also show off your personality and sense of style. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Getting the Right Mattress Topper

If you're missing out on a good night's rest, it could be that you need a Mattress Topper for your bed.  Mattress toppers give you support while you sleep so it should be the right firmness.  Not too hard as it will not conform  to the contures of  your body and not too soft because you will have the feeling of being swallowed.

But finding the right mattress topper needs consideration in a few things.

The size you will need - twin, full, queen, king or California king.  It is strongly suggested that you measure the length and width of your mattress to ensure the mattress and mattress topper match.  This will make for a better night's sleep.  Some mattress/mattress topper companies may use slightly different measurements in bed sizing.
The type of mattress topper - latex or memory foam.  These two are the most common type of mattress toppers.  Latex toppers are made from the pure sap of the rubber tree, so it is a natural, porous and biodegradable mattress topper.  Memory foam mattress toppers are made from polyurethane products derived from petroleum. 

Both of these provide luxury comfort and great support for your spine, shoulders, neck and limbs.  Both are naturally hypoallergenic mattress toppers.  They are also mite, mold, and dust resistant. 
There are also down, wool and cotton mattress toppers that you may prefer to check out.
The thickness of your mattress topper is usually 1 - 4".  Some 1-2"  mattress toppers provide a better feeling to your sleep.  The 3-4" mattress topper also provides that great feeling to your sleep but can also help improve the texture and feel of your bed.

Your Mattress Topper is important for a better night's rest.  Check out these mattress toppers and make the right choice for you to enjoy a great's sleep.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Bedroom Linens Make a Difference

Looking for a new bedroom decor?  The bedroom linens are the cheapest, most economical way to do this.  Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a personal get away where you express your favorite colors, collections and feelings.

It's been suggested that you use the more subtle colors for your bedroom walls since you can then have more flexibility in choosing your bedroom linens and sometimes even your furniture.  The more subtle colors for your walls give you the opportunity to choose bedroom linens that will show off your personality and charm.

First though, you need the mattress that fits your body.  Do you like the soft, the firm or the pillow top?  There are many options available, so make sure you're happy with your mattress.  We all need a good night's rest, so our mattress is so very important.  With so many style possibilities, it will then be easy to make your bedroom a sanctuary for you.

Your bedroom linens should allow you to feel comfortable and give you a good night's rest.  The texture, the color and the types of bedroom linens are so important for this.  Manufacturers of bedroom linens are always searching for new ideas and there is now a huge variety of colors and patterns to choose from to make your bedroom what you want.  Some people choose to change their bedroom linens to show off the seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and even Christmas - this is another option to consider.

So:  Very important - use the subtle paint colors for your walls
        Choose your bedroom linens (buy the best quality you can afford)
        Add your personality by choosing the bedroom linens that say "YOU"
        Enjoy the seasons by changing your bedroom linens for every seasons
        HAVE FUN?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Our Warm and Welcoming Kitchen Using Accents

Today, more often than not, our kitchen is usually a place to complete chores on our never ending to do list  - all the time.  But if we find an accent theme that enables you to work tirelessly in your kitchen, then you can enjoy your kitchen for its versatility instead of the dislike of the never ending task list.

Kitchen accents are certainly a way to spruce up the look of your kitchen.  Constant pieces can infuse immediate flair into your kitchen.  Designer Jeffrey Alan Parks says "Something as simple as displaying beautiful china can change the feel of a room."  What about wall paintings, scented candles, and of course, that scent of the home cooked meal?  All these can play an important role in adding to your kitchen accents.

Consider all the kitchen accents available today in the market place. You can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen by tying ideal accents together with you home decor.   Accenting your kitchen doesn't need to be hard or difficult.  It should be a fun and creative time to change and enhance that drab space into a place that says great!  If you're considering a country theme for your kitchen, the possibilities are endless.  Rooster themed wall clocks, a country style bread box, a mug tree, paper towel and napkin holders are all pieces that you may want to consider.  Also, pot holders, oven mitts, towels, chair pads and placemats that  boast the same pattern can usually be found pretty easily. 

Color schemes are basic.  When remodeling your kitchen, you can find ways to apply a color scheme to your kitchen decor and then coordinate your kitchen accents.  Use hand painted canisters or storage boxesto help bring out the undertones of your color scheme.  Maybe some pretty stencils to enhance the color of your room.  Wall stencils come in all kinds of shapes and themes, so this shouldn't be to hard to coordinate your kitchen color scheme.  Some pretty painted pottery could also be used to accent your kitchen. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Home Office Accents and Accessories

Decorating the home office seems so simple, yet when we take the time to look at it, it can be more involved than we thought. Our Office Accents and Accessories cover a wide range of "stuff". 

Even though the office may be small in area, you can design practical, functional home offices that exemplify your personality and style while considering your space options.  Your office includes the desk or work station, storage, shelving, lighting and the office accents and accessories you use.  The desk is usually the most used piece of furniture and the focal point of your office.  So let's decorate around this.  The color of the walls, the lighting, the organization and storage are all areas for consideration when decorating.

Let's take a look:
Wall Color     Essential to functions of the home office as it create the "mood" when you enter.  Do you want the color to blend with your home decor color?  Do you want your colors bold or more calming?
Lighting:       Ambient lighting provides light for the entire room/area. 
                      Task lighting is directional/focused lighting for reading, paper work, working on the computer, even for the printer.
                      Accent lighting is optional but can add that decorative touch that makes your office display your personality and charm.

Placement of your desk/work station is an important factor to consider in the decorating of your home office.  The desk/work station needs to be arranged in the most productive layout.  Your storage area should have easy accessibility to the desk/work station.

The Office Accents and Accessories can be those favorite family photos or pictures that are relaxing for you.  Flowers or potted plants can add a wonderful accent to this area.  A table lamp that reflects your personal touch can be added and make a big difference.  Some people offer the idea of a small water fountain or aquarium to add relaxation to your office.

You can create the home office by using office accents and accessories that personalize and complement your home decor.  Your office just needs to be practical and functional but show off your personality  yet retain the professionalism of what your home office is all about.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Choosing Our Living Room Lighting

I've been trying to redo my living room lighting and needed some help.  So... research started again for me. 

We tend to use our living rooms every day and for multiple functions.  We watch TV, we read, we play, we do crafts, etc.   We spend a lot time there.  We also spend a lot of time choosing the colors, the furniture and the accessories needed for this area of our home.  We should also consider our living room lighting.  

As I've already noted, this room serves many purposes so it should have lighting sufficient for every function we use this room for.  The main light should offer a large amount of light for the living room.  This is usually overhead (though not always) and is the focal point in your living room.  We need to choose something in accordance with our home decor - inviting, bold or creative but also be decorative.

Our living room table lights are available in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and styles.  How relaxing to end your day by cutting off the main overhead light and turn on the living room table or floor lamps for softer lighting and a more relaxing mood.

We need to make sure we are using the living room lighting - the lamps, wall sconces, accent and task lights - to create that perfect ambiance.  The ambiance of our living room not only includes the living room lighting but also the wall colors, area rugs, curtains or blinds and our furniture.

Here's some tips to consider when choosing our living room lighting.

In smaller homes, recessed lighting takes up less space and gives your living room a roomier feel.

We need to use as much natural light as possible.  It's free and it's the best quality lighting there is. 

With large windows, we can use sheere drapery, blinds or glazed panes to diffuse some of this light.

Make sure we have the proper amount of light so as to avoid eyestrain.  Insufficient lighting can cause frequent headaches.

Combine different kinds of  light bulb - halogen, LED, flourescent or warm lights in your living room lamps to fit your room's setting.

Have fun and enjoy your new living room lighting!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Sofa Tables for Your Home

While researching sofa tables, I found some things that might help in your selection.  Sometimes you have a space that requires that much needed accent piece.  What space?  How abut the back of your sofa that backs up to an open space?  Sofa tables can blend with the back of your sofa or be a divider between your family room, dining room. kitchen or even an accent for your entryway making it a focal point.  You need to look at the back of your sofa.  How does it back up to other spaces and then determine what will work best.  Measure the length and height of your sofa.  This will help you pick the sofa table that is right for your home decor.

Most sofa tables are long and usually thinner than other tables.  Their shape is usually rectangular or half circle.  Most have shelves (shelf) and some have drawers and some have a combination of both shelves (shelf) and drawers  These can be very useful if you use your sofa table for their functionality as well as accent.  The surface is an ideal place for display items while the drawers and shelves offer storage which can be very useful to you.

When you're shopping, think about the functionality of your table.  Will you use it behind your sofa?
Will you use it in your entryway?  What storage, if any, do you need?  Always remember to check your space size before buying your sofa table.

Be sure to determine the quality of your sofa table.  Usually, the sold wood sofa table is your best choice.  But sometimes a metal table will lend itself more to your decor.  Whatever you choose, be sure to look the piece before you purchase.  Internet shopping for a sofa table may be risky unless you have actually seen the table you plan to purchase online.  Go for the well known brands as you need to be careful of buying from manufacturers whose quality is not acceptable.

 If you trust s brand name, have actually seen the sofa table, have checked it out very carefully and like the style, then it is most likely the sofa table for your space.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Coffee and End Tables for Our Home

Having lots of seating places in your living room is great but what about a place to sit your "stuff"?  Table lamps, TV remotes, magazines, pictures, books - even your coffee finds a place when you have coffee and end tables.  Maybe just a coffee table is enough, but the end tables are really a nice touch to make your living room complete.

The coffee table, usually sitting in front of the sofa, is an important focal point in your room.  If you like everything neat and in its place, then your coffee table may only have a set of coasters there. Your coffee table may be the place for our books, pictures or display items.  Sometimes coffee tables are used as the family dining room table.  The functionality of your coffee table should be a top priority when selecting your coffee table.

Adding the end tables is a usual step when buying the coffee table.  End tables are a great option for your living room.  Decide if these are what you need.  These can be bought in sets with the matching coffee table.  End tables usually come in pairs and are designed to go at the end of your sofa or beside a favorite chair.  Many have a drawer and/or a shelf (or shelves) for added storage.  End tables are big enough to hold your lamp and some "stuff".

The coffee and end table sets come in many shapes and sizes.  Buying these sets make it easier since you basically need only to pick your style.  You need to pay attention to the size of the coffee and end table sets you like to make sure the size is not too big or too small for your space.

Materials used in coffee and end tables need to match the wood, the wood color or the stain used in your living room.  This will eliminate the mistake of mismatched furniture and your tables will not stick out like a sore thumb.

You certainly do not have to follow a set rule when choosing your coffee and end tables.  Find what you like that fits your decor and find the pieces you can enjoy for a long time.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Our Kitchen and Dining Room Table

Research that I've done recently show that kitchen updates are at the top of the list for remodeling/updating.  And it's true - our kitchen and dining room is a very important part of our homes and our daily life.

When buying our kitchen and/or dining room tables, there are some things we need to consider.

The kitchen table is where our meals are usually taken.  Kitchen tables come in a wide range of style as well as size and finishes.  Sometimes they are very simple as in the Mission styling which is usually a basic functional top which rests on four plain legs.  There are also the adjustable tables which serve well as a space saver if we have limited space for our kitchen table.  There are several options for our kitchen table.  We just need to get the one we're most comfortable with in our space.

Dining room tables are usually more formal than the kitchen table.  It should encourage the more serious or the more romantic theme.  The dining room displays a welcome for friends and visitors to relax and stay a while.

So, let's do our research:
1)     Determine the type, size and material of the table we need.
2)     Is this table for our kitchen or dining room?
3)     Take note of our home decor - especially our kitchen and dining areas.
4)     Choose the style.  Many styles are rectangular, but there are also the round, square, or oval styles for consideration.

There are many, many kitchen and dining room tables on the market today.  Let's start looking and have fun redoing/remodeling/updating our kitchen and dining room areas with a new table.  It will make a difference!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kids Bedroom Furniture - A Family Affair

When furnishing/designing our child's room, one of the first things to consider is the child's likes  and dislikes.  Does she like pink? purple?  princesses? a special music idol?  etc.  Does he like the super heroes?  Lego's?  cars? etc.

We may want the kids room furniture to reflect a theme that our child really likes.  We need to let our children in on the decorating and furniture selection for their room because this should be one of their favorite places - this is where they end their day and began a new one.  Let them be involved.   If they have a comfortable room furnished with things they  enjoy, bedtime may be easier for us!

Consideration for what our children actually need should be part of our selection.  Budget may play an important part of this, hence having our children involved may make the decisions easier.  Find our what your children want, let them know budget limits (give yourself a little flexibility here) and then start looking.

Sometimes we may be able to find some lightly used kids room furniture at yard sales or in newspaper advertising.  Shopping online at discount stores with deep discounts may also be an option we can research.  Some of these stores have free shipping!  We can also sell any excess furniture in their room and apply that toward the purchase of new furniture.  We can also build the kids room furniture around pieces they already have and want to hang on to thereby saving some money in the process.

Bedding can add the depth and character to our children's rooms.  They need to be comfortable and something they enjoy after a hard day at play or work.

Research your  kids room furniture, put their input in the mix along with budget and functionality, then have fun watching their "space" become a reality!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Living in the Living Room

Our living room furniture is the one area that you can use more leeway to make a design that you will love and be "out of the box".

First, pick our your living room furniture.  We know that pricing, quality and design play such important roles in getting the right furniture for you.  This furniture should last a long time, so we want it to be as comfortable as possible plus have the design that exhibits YOU.

If you are design oriented, picking out your living room furniture and accessories will be less daunting than for us who have to actually see before we can choose.  But there are furniture store sales people that can help you design and let you see the possibilities with the living room furniture that you choose.

Think about the functionality  of this piece or pieces of furniture.  It should be comfortable and the accents that surround your furniture should make it a place to "live".  Don't over crowd your room with excess pieces.

Your colors should create a focal point.  By doing this, it will be easier to design and layout the rest of your living room.

There are many styles of living room furniture to choose from today.  The traditional style of furniture usually portrays elegance but not extravagance.  Floral patterns are great for couches, accent chairs, pillows even curtains or other window dressings.  Add your living room accents as a final touch for the traditional look.

Cottage style living room furniture brings white couches or chairs.  Maybe some white wicker with floral cushions.  Pastel colors help create the cottage look. This living room furniture tends to be more feminine than some other types.

There is also the Oriental, Mediterranean and other styles that  may be of interest to you.  Consider your style, check out your pricing and quality and then have FUN finding the living room furniture that you love!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Accenting Your Bedroom

We’ve talked some about the bedroom furniture but what about those bedroom accents that will increase the beauty, the functionality and will also enhance the character and charm of your bedroom?  Our bedroom décor needs to be as attractive as possible.  After all, we spend about one third of our lives in this room.

Bedroom Accents offer a wide selection of items to choose from and you can certainly find just the perfect bedroom accents pieces to complete your bedroom décor.  One of our first considerations is our bedding – pillows, comforters, comforter sets, pillow shams and quilts.  Also. Our pictures, mirrors, curtains and blinds, even area rugs that will make your bedroom the best ever!

Bed benches/chests can be a very useful bedroom accent.  It can be used for added storage and makes an ideal place to sit your purse, a convenient place to sit while you put on your shoes and socks and even a holding station for your laundry until you can get it put away.

The bedroom vanity is another bedroom accent piece.  It looks like a small table or a writing desk but it is the place for your personal “beauty spot” as well as storage for your beauty products.

Blanket/quilt racks, armoires and storage chest are other selections for added bedroom accents.

Even our flooring needs to be considered when choosing our bedroom accents

The best thing we can do is to make a plan, pick your theme and colors then have fun adding your bedroom accents!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bedroom Furniture - Your Way

Our bedroom furniture is one of the most important things in our home decor.  The more relaxed and comfortable your bedroom is, the better night's rest you will have and wake up feeling ready for the new day.   Bedroom furniture is also one of the more expensive items in our home so we need to think of some of the questions when considering purchasing new bedroom furniture.

One of the first things to consider is pricing.  Give yourself an amount to spend, decide how much that amount can be stretched, decide what type of  bedroom furniture you are needing (master bedroom, kids room, guest room) and then began your search.  Being flexible with your budget is okay when you are totally convinced that you have found what you want - only then will it be a good buy for you.

People have their own ideas as to what they want their bedroom to look like.  Do you like the light and cheerful or something a little darker to set a more mellow atmosphere for your bedroom?  Think of how you want to feel in your bedroom - certainly relaxed and comfortable.  Your bedroom furniture can certainly reflect your personality.  Search for the characteristics that you would like reflected in your bedroom.  Do you want your furniture to be elegant and stylish or maybe simple and functional?  Some people prefer their bedroom furniture to be made of oak which is very classy but also emulates subdued elegance for your home. There are other woods that can be used and still have that elegance that you desire for your home.

Another consideration to think about is the size of your bedroom furniture.  Make sure the furniture you pick fits in your allotted bedroom space.   Furniture too big will hamper movement and flow in your bedroom.  While it is true that some people have lots of space, many bedrooms are more limited in space so make sure your bedroom furniture fits your space.

Be sure to check several resources before buying your bedroom furniture.  Check the sales, check the Internet, check the newspaper ad (maybe some used bedroom furniture will be more in line with budget and tastes)  Again, decide how much you can afford, then you'll have a much better idea of how much to spend on this important part of your home decor.

Have Fun!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Small Appliances for Your Home

When we stop and take a look at all the small appliances in our home, we should be amazed!  The toaster, the blender, the mixer - both hand held and stand alone, the coffee maker (yes!), the toaster oven, the food processor, the digital clock radio and the list goes on and on!  Life without all these small(?) conveniences would be a little more complicated than we like to think about.

But did you ever think about the Microwave as being a small appliance?  Unless you buy the huge gigantic commercial Microwave, you are probably buying a small appliance.  Same goes for the vacuum cleaner and the sewing machine.  No home should ever be without the vacuum because even though we have the brooms and sweepers, they do not reach down and suction out the debris from the carpets, sofa and sofa cushions.  Of course, the sewing machine may not be used as much today, but it is an important tool for making/repairing clothing or for making curtains and other items for your home decor.

Buying these small appliances can sometimes be expensive.  Consider buying them on sale - especially around the holidays.  It seems every retailer has them on sale then.  Sometimes buying on the internet is a less expensive option for the same product.  Buying reconditioned appliances may not appeal to a lot of people but they are repaired and brought back to brand new standards and work just as well as brand new.  Thrift stores may be a place to look for these items.  

Wherever you decide to purchase your small appliances for your home, remember to buy the best quality that your budget will allow.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Comforter Sets for Your Home

Recently, I began to look at the comforter sets I would like to have in my home.  Since the bedroom is the place for peaceful sleep and complete relaxation from a tired and stressful day, the comforter sets can help in this part of your restful night. 

First, what is a comforter?  There are several different definitions.  The capitalized word Comforter refers to the Holy Spirit.  Another definition is a person that gives comfort to those in need.  Still another definition is a long neck scarf – usually knitted.  The last definition will be the one we want to look at.  Comforter means a filled quilted bed covering that provides comfort and/or warmth for the person in that bed.

Your personality, the size of your bed, the quality and the materials used and budget are things we need to consider when selecting our comforter sets.   The cool colors – light blue or green – are a great choice for the calm and relaxation.  Brighter colors – lime, orange or yellow – can brighten up your bedrooms.  Soft pinks are usually picked by the younger girls in your family.  Of course, if you want vibrant (maybe sexy?), you can choose the reds or purples.  Add elegance to your bedroom with a touch of black and white to your decor.

Add the soft, cushy pillows that encourage you to relax and unwind.  Make your bedroom a most welcoming place so that you can be assured of a good night’s rest.

Make sure the quality of your comforter sets are acceptable to your standards.  Some may be cheaper, but the quality and longevity of these are factors you need to consider. 

One last note, don’t make an impulsive decision regarding buying your comforter sets.  Check them out and go for the best!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Buying the Office Desk

Last week I started thinking about our home office and decided that this place could certainly do with a complete makeover!  Starting with the office desk, I found a lot of information  that really will make you stop and think.  What kind of desk do we need?  One that looks pretty?  Sure, but it also needs to be functional for our office.  Your desk needs to be spacious enough for your work area plus your computer, monitor, printer, modems, files and other documents, wiring, etc.  There are many styles to choose from but sometimes this is not an easy task.

Having the space decided, you probably will need  to think about the cost of the desk.  Will it be constructed of metal, wood or the modular models that are in the marketplace now?  You can purchase a used desk if your budget doesn't stretch far enough for a new one.  Also, do you want a pre-made desk or will you go for a custom made desk?

Many people want their office decor to flow with their home decor, so again, what desk will fit the bill?

In all my research I found that our office desk is the pivotal point in our office, so finding the right one might be a little bit of a challenge, but well worth the effort when we've got everything in place.  

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Living Room Accents in Your Space

What about your living room accents?  What look do you want to achieve?  Do you like the modern look?  Contemporary?  Rustic? or Traditional styling?  Do you want the elegant and formal or the comfy and relaxed atmosphere?  Sometimes this is a challenge but the end result will be great!

To start a renovated living room, you may want to start with that new coat of paint - even adding a faux finish or texture to make it really pop.
Then look at living room acccents - pictures, sconces, candleholders, figurines, throw blankets, pillows, mirrors, vases, table lamps and many others that you want and can use.  Coordinate these to make your living room reflect the "feel" or "atmosphere" you want to achieve for the comfort of your family or friends in your living room.  Do you need to purge?  Make your living room clutter free and follow the old adage - "a space for everything and everything in its place".

Some of the framed art pictures can be added to your living room accents that will capture the eye and serve as a focal point for your room.  Usually, the rest of your living should or can be designed around that.  Or, use the framed art piece to accentuate your chosen design scheme.

So many ways to use your living room accents pieces to have the style and comfort that says "you".  Have fun!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Garden & Outdoor Furniture

The days are longer and we can stay outside more now that Summer is here. Outdoor Furniture will be a big player in our outdoor activities.  But what do we choose?  How big does it need to be?  Is plastic, metal or wood the best option?  How much does it cost?
Research was important - and here are some things we found that we need to consider. For us, it needs to be durable.  Outside, in all kinds of weather, we need something that will last.  Garden, patio or outdoor furniture made of wood is the most popular choice.  Some types of wood require more maintenance than others but are still the better choice.  Wicker furniture is usually painted but it doesn't require a lot of attention. Teak and Jarrah are more durable woods and only require a quick oil or stain every two to three years.
Color is a factor that we considered.  We wanted our Garden & Outdoor Furniture to complement our patio and make our back yard look appealing as well as functional.  The amount of flowers and greenery, the amount of sunlight, the style of our house were all factors in helping us decide what to buy for our Garden & Outdoor Funiture.  Happy Shopping!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bathroom Updates

Let's think about updating your bathroom.  One simple update could present a statement you would like whether it be simplicity, sleek, modern, traditional or elegance that is reflected in your home decor. Bathroom Mirrors are your style, your way but sometimes the task seems daunting. 
Consider what you need - do you need a hand mirror, a wall mirror, a table top mirror, or maybe even a mirror(s) with shelving to help store your accessories?  There are lots of mirrors and lots of styles for you to choose from.  Your choice will reflect your personality and make your bathroom look new and pleasing.
Another consideration for choosing the right bathroom mirror is your bathroom lighting.  You need to make sure that your lighting is sufficient to enable you to perform your tasks easily. 

The wall mirror is the easiest to install and will give you a new look instantly in your bathroom.