Monday, October 8, 2018

Something More about Sofa Tables

We've blogged before about Sofa Tables but thought we'd take another look at this piece of furniture that definitely adds that distinctive touch to our home decor.
Our furniture is the main factor that turns our "house" into our "home" as it makes up the main decor of our homes.  So, it go without saying, choose carefully!
Our living room furniture is the most used furniture in our home.  That's where we gather to watch TV, to entertain family and friends and to just relax.  Usually our drinks and/or snacks end up on the Sofa Table.
The Sofa Table has been in existence since the 17th century.  Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, they became a functional furniture trademark in homes throughout Europe and the United States.  Initially, Sofa Tables were made of wood, but today materials such as metal, glass or less expensive synthetic woods are used for construction.
Sofa Tables are made to rest against the back of our sofa.  They are tall and narrow which makes them fit but saves space at the same time.  You can sometimes find Sofa Tables to coordinate with your existing living room decor.  Plus, you gain extra storage and usage from your Sofa Table.  This helps keep your living room neat and clean looking.
If you only have one sofa, the you'll probably need only one Sofa Table.  If, however, you have the L-shaped sofa, you may need a couple Sofa Tables to accommodate both sections.
Sofa Tables should be close to the length of your sofa - not sticking out beyond the ends and not too short to be accessible for the entire sofa.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Some More on Living Room Lighting

Many of us enjoy changing/improving the look of our home - especially the Living Room area.  There is so much we can do to add new style, new design and exceptional quality to our home simply by updating or changing our Living Room Lighting.  Since the Living Room is one of the most used rooms in our home, let's talk about some of the easier ways we can redo this room.
Living Room Lighting is a very good way to enhance this space.  Lighting is available in many shapes and sizes that can create a different look, feel and ambiance for our homes.
We need to think about what "mood" or atmosphere we want before we start our lighting search.  We need to always consider our budget before undertaking this project.  Living Room Lighting can become very expensive. We can start looking at lighting online or in the retail lighting stores that have the type or style of lighting we're looking for.  We need to always make note of these prices and compare.  Some online lighting may be just what we need but less expensive than the retailers we have checked. 
One way we can enhance our Living Room Lighting (or anywhere in our home) is to add dimmer switches.  They are fairly simple to install and are not very expensive.  But they make a big difference in our room.
Lamps are always available for our Living Room Lighting whether they be the table lamps or bigger floor lamps. 
Also, depending on the size of our Living Room, we would normally have a main light fixture for overall lighting in this room.  But what about lighting in/on our walls?  We could use the lighting in/on our walls for watching TV or for a more subdued or romantic atmosphere.
So Living Room Lighting can make a difference in our Living Rooms and create a new, more enhanced look to our home.
Have fun!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bedroom Enhancements

Bedroom Enhancements - how can we enhance the look and feel our bedrooms?  How can we add the  "Zen" to our decorating?

One of the many enhancements in our bedrooms is storage.  First, we need to know what we're looking for - the furniture and the storage.  Storage enhancement sounds a little different but there are some great bedroom storage pieces that can add great beauty and atmosphere to our bedrooms.  

Another way to enhance our bedrooms is in our linens.  Sheets are very important to our comfort.  We need to pay attention to the thread count and the fibers used in our sheets.  High thread counts make for a softer feel.  Fibers are also important and we need to be aware of these.  Some fibers, special the synthetic fibers do not "breathe" well and are not comfortable while we sleep.  Egyptian cottons and bamboo blends are some of the softest cottons used.  Sheets marked "sateen" will have a silky touch on the surface of your sheets.  
Next comes our blanket or quilt we will use.  It is recommended that blankets be lightweight.  The waffle weave or a lightweight merino wool blanket are good choices.
As for our top layer - the traditional quilts or bedspreads are usually neat and tidy but sometimes lack warmth in colder weather.  Comforters are fluffy and  pretty and also a good source for warmth but these usually need to dry cleaned or laundered in a bigger commercial washer.

Some people suggest "Zen" designs and to make our bedrooms our haven we should:
      remove all TV's = distraction
      be relaxed and without distraction or worry when we go to our bedrooms
      clean out the clutter in our bedrooms
Designing with "Zen" emphasizes harmony of all pieces and uses natural materials for decorating as much as possible.

So, let's try some bedroom enhancements and make our bedrooms a really special place to be.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Modern Furniture for the Bedroom

Our bedrooms sometimes need a major makeover and a new look.  Yes, our bedroom furniture is an investment so we need to be sure it is a good investment.

The trend today lends itself to the modern bedroom decor.  Modern bedroom furniture can make your bedroom warm and cozy as well as elegant and exquisite. It adds a spacious look to your room.  The modern Bedroom furniture offers beauty with their contemporary styles and innovative designs.

Items you may want to consider in your modern bedroom furniture:

1)  Your bed should be an island of restful calm for you.  The rest of your furniture will revolve, coordinate and enhance your bedroom creating that special place for you to end your day - finally!
2)  Bedside tables are utilitarian but beautiful  and a necessary accent to your bedroom because your lamp, your phone and the alarm clock will be close by.  Also, these tables offer limited "extra" storage.
3)  A wardrobe can make a major difference in your bedroom.  These are usually large pieces but can be a very eye catching piece that will add to your bedroom furniture decor.  Wardrobes make a wonderful storage are while adding charm to your room.
4)  You can also add a dressing table.  These can be used for your last minute check before that all important venue.  These are a picture of elegance and can be that touch needed to make your bedroom furniture complete - and stunningly beautiful!

Modern bedroom furniture decor can be bought at local furniture stores as well as online.  Your budget, your space and your style can make this modern bedroom furniture shopping a real treat!

Of course, always remember not to crowd too may of these wonderful modern bedroom decor pieces in a space too small.  Balance is the key.

Have fun and enjoy your new modern bedroom furniture!

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Dining Room Table

Buying a new dining room table set can be a lot of fun.  We know that the typical pieces are the table and the chairs - anywhere from two to twelve chairs depending on how much space you have available.  Also, there are other accent pieces you can consider - the side table, buffet, a china cabinet or a hutch (maybe a corner hutch?).  The amount of space in your dining room or kitchen will determine what pieces to add to your dining room/kitchen set.

There are many dining room tables available for purchase.  Some experts say to buy only the solid wood tables because the medium density fiberboard construction have soft surfaces and can chip easily.  Also, the finish can come off pretty easily on these tables.  Therefore, these don't seem to be the best investment for you in the long run.  The wood sets are preferred for their durability as well as their beauty.

There are glass top tables that are very popular. They are made of tempered glass to assist in their durability.  The metal framing and legs on these dining room/kitchen tables gives your kitchen or dining room a modern look and feel.

Usually a kitchen set is used more that our dining room table sets.  The dining room tends to be a more formal setting than your kitchen set depending on your taste.  The casual or kitchen set is used more in the kitchen area than in your dining room. 

Before you buy, make sure you  go to a store and feel the wood, ask questions about the product construction and quality of materials, then choose the best one for your sense of style and budget.  Many believe it is better to purchase a set already assembled than to order online and have to deal with the assembly - may save you some time and money.

Have fun looking and purchasing your new dining room table set.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Office Lighting

Office Lighting is a great way to get all the light you need for your home office and can be found in many stores and online.  They are not overly expensive, so you can get the light you need by shopping smart and for not a whole lot of money.  At least two sources of light or maybe three are needed to adequately light your home office.  Remember, the type of lighting affects your mood,  reflects your style and personality and affects your productivity.
Your office tasks are different from other areas of your home.  You need to be able to create a comfortable working area and the right illumination needed for the office.  A floor lamp along with other lighting fixtures will make your productivity and accuracy more evident while also reducing the eye strain and fatigue.
There are basically three type of Office Lighting.
1)     General or ambient lighting helps to reduce shadowing in the work area - includes wall mounted sconces, floor lamps, torchiere lamps or pendant lighting.
2)     Task lights are just as the name suggests - lighting for the task at hand and may be a table lamp, an adjustable floor lamp, a wall mounted light, a clip-on light or ceiling mounted.  The bulbs used in these lighting fixtures can be incandescent or fluorescent bulbs which can make a lot of difference.
3)     Accent lighting provides a focal point giving your eye an initial point of interest that creates interest in your working area - floor lamps or the torchiere  lamps are especially useful in this area.
You can find any of these lighting products that will make your office beautiful and productive.  They are available in any number of stores and online.  Specialty lighting stores are usually the best place to start as they are more lighting oriented as opposed to a sales oriented store/person.

Have fun making your Office Lighting the best there is!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Decorating the Living Room

I recently started thinking about redecorating my Living Room.  Not sure of the challenges I would face, I looked on the Internet and found several articles that were a great help.  I found out that I could do this myself and not have to hire a professional decorator.  This will save some money, I'm sure.
First suggestion was to sketch my living room (to scale) and then sketch in the furniture where I want it.  I like this because it will save me from having to move the actual furniture when I get it ready to place.  A good thing about the sketch - I can change the placement of my furniture all I want on that and save my back!
Another suggestion was to figure out my decorating style.  Do I want the more Traditional American style or do I want to go with the more Modern or Contemporary design? 
With the Modern or Contemporary design, I need to choose accents and fabrics that are more light or breezy.  The more satiny fabrics, chintz, silk fabrics and other smooth fabrics carry out the clean modern look in my Living Room. 
The more Traditional American decorating style is usually the solid woods in natural shades. With this style, I would probably go with accents and fabrics more prone to a more rugged nature.  Calico, cotton, leather - even nubby rugs can be used.  This makes for a more natural, maybe even an "outdoorsy" style of decorating for my Living Room.
Of course, there are other things to consider but I thought this was a prelude to doing my own decorating.  So I can decorate my Living Room myself without the professional.  Checking the Internet for solutions was a good way to get me started in the right direction for decorating my Living Room.  I can't wait to see how this looks when I'm finished!