Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Outdoor lighting is such a beautiful touch for your home's aesthetics but also a wonderful security for you and your family.

More people are enjoying the beauty of the outdoor with outdoor lighting fixtures designed in such a way that gives all the ambiance that you really enjoy and expresses your personality and charm in your backyard, your garden and/or your patio and deck.  There are many types of outdoor lights - garden lighting, landscape lighting, walkway lighting, patio lighting, backyard lighting and pool lighting.Your outdoor lighting design should enhance and show the beauty of your home and outdoors. 

There are many lights available for this project.  While you may attempt to do this yourself, it is a huge undertaking.  There are many many outdoor lighting professionals who can do this for you and give you complete outdoor lighting that will be everything you dreamed of to enhance your home and give you the beauty and  the security that is so important. 

I do recommend the professionals as the design they give you will be well worth the investment!  Their work is a result of design and installation that when complete, you will see a work of art! During the  winter months, your home will be beautifully lit and will have the security that outdoor lighting offers as a deterrent to robbers or other miscreants.  Many professionals offer service contracts that will keep your outdoor lights in top notch shape year round.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Area Rugs - Some Things to Consider

Buying an area rug is a task that you should certainly enjoy.  But, be aware, there are things to consider when making this purchase as is true with all your home furnishings.

Area Rugs are good natural insulators.  They cut down the noise levels in your home and offer comfort to your tired bare feet.  They add color and style to your room and can be the centerpiece of your room.  They can serve as the focal point and help set the overall look of your room .

Area rugs come in many sizes.  Determine the size of your area where you will put this rug and then you can shop more confidently.

What shape of area rug do you need/want?  There are rectangular rugs, octagon rugs, square rugs, round  rugs and of course, runners.

What color will you use?  This is a very important consideration as you need to coordinate the color of you area rug to your home decor and color scheme.

What rug construction will work best for you?  Rugs are woven in many different styles and fabrics.  Wool rugs are considered the most popular and more durable than others.  You can also look at Cotton, Jute, Bamboo or Nylon rugs for you home. 

Pick the  area rug that works best for your home decor.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Garden Accents and Decor

Believe it or not, Spring is just around the corner.  With thoughts of Spring, our minds turn toward the outside - our gardens, our backyards, our porches, our decks and our patios.  What can we do to make these a place of serenity and beauty.

Let's look at some of the things regarding our outdoor garden accents and decor. 

Your garden should reflect you -  your personality, your charm. your whimsy and your tastes.  Dress your garden with accents as you would a favorite room in your home.  As with your room, be careful not overcrowd your outdoor - whether garden, patio, porch or backyard.  You won't be able to enjoy it if it is full of "busyness".  One good thing about garden accents & decor is that they can be changed or rearranged to give you variety in these areas.  Your garden accents & decor are a fun way to make your garden area your own!

Your garden accents depend on what you like and the size and type of garden you have.  If you find something you really like for your garden, use it!

Such things as: 
  •  Gates - free standing or part of an existing fencing can add detail to your garden.  This can be a wonderful place for a special wreath or for decorating the entire area.
  • Pretty decorative planters made of many materials can add just that touch you are looking for to complete your decor.
  • Furniture - your garden furniture should be inviting to sit and enjoy your garden area.
  • Bird baths and bird feeders - both are an enjoyable addition to any garden.
  • Statues, large or small, give interest to your garden and are easily found since they are very plentiful. 

Water fountains, gazing balls, stepping stones, even sundials and much more are all available to make your garden come alive and give you that restful, comfortable feeling as you enjoy your time outside.  Remember the garden accents & decor make a wonderful addition to your enjoyment this Spring.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Office Chair - Which One?

The home office chair plays a very important part in our productivity, so let's take a quick look at what makes the best chair for our home office.  Certainly, it needs to be comfortable, give support to our backs and adjust to our specific needs, but also lend itself to making our work flow more productive.  You may want a chair that matches your work area, maybe a very stylish chair  to match your home decor or maybe one of the commercial office chairs that should last longer and have more support features to it.

How do we choose what 's best?  There are many styles, types, fabrics, colors and support features that are all part of your selection.

There are low-back, mid-back and high-back.  There are office chairs with adjustable features like the adjustable arms, height and back positions.

What and how much will you use this office chair?  How much this chair will be used is one of the biggest areas of consideration when buying your home office chair.  Do you need the swivel office chair?   How big does it need to be - you need to make sure the size of your office chair does not take up too much of your office space.

Whatever you choose, it is for you to make the determination for which home office chair is the best for your comfort and productivity.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bathroom Accessories

When thinking about changing, redoing our bathroom, it can involve a bit of real innovative thinking on our part.  Whether we remodel the bathroom or just do a makeover, a good starting point to consider is what Bathroom Accessories will make the task easier and more cost effective.

Maybe you've seen a magazine article that really appeals to you.  But, be careful.  Just because that picture/layout is beautiful, don't forget to include your personality, your charm and your design in this makeover.  Bathroom Accessories play an important part in bathroom changes.  The pictures, rugs, towels and towel racks, soap dispensers, soap dishes, baskets, shower curtains and lighting are some of the bathroom accessories that need to be considered.

Find a theme for your bathroom and then synchronize all your accessories and changes to make your bathroom just what you want.

Space:     The space in your bathroom - is it small, large or in between.  Sometimes, you many want to do a mini makeover and then add the bathroom accessories to bring abut a new, functional look to your bathroom.

Budget:    How much money is allotted to this?  Don't forget the bathroom decor or theme.  The fixtures, the bathroom accessories and paint should be a part of your budget.  Always add 10-25% over budget to account for the unexpected.

So, go ahead.  Look at your space available, choose your theme, establish your budget and then get started on your bathroom makeover.

Have fun! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Office Lamps

When you start to put the lighting and lamps in your office, it becomes as personal as choosing your eye glasses or what earrings to wear with what outfit.  Office lamps should be purchased depending on where they will be used, what you will be doing - reading, studying, working and how easily they accommodate your eyes. 

One article I checked out talked about halogen bulbs in your desk lamps.  While the halogen bulbs are the brightest bulbs you can buy, they may not be the best for you.  Halogen bulbs are really bright and can cause contrast and glare while you're reading/studying.  This tends to tire your eyes, and subjecting your eyes to this over a long period of time can affect or damage the retina.  Some say that the halogen bulbs have a very subtle, barely discernible flicker that that can strain your eyes.  Light from the halogen bulb is really concentrated and shines only on one page of a book and does not cover the surrounding areas of your desk.

There are many other types of office lamps that use the incandescent bulbs (energy savings!).  If you like the really bright office lamp, try using the full spectrum light bulb in your lamp.  This is the more "natural" light that some people really like.

Office lamps come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.  You should be able to move your office lamps around to fit your desk/work station/table. 

You need to think about designing the specific lighting needs for your office.
Be as energy efficient as possible.  Make your office lamp(s) coordinate with your office in style, design and color as well as your overall home decor.  Office lamps are a must, but they should also show off your personality and sense of style. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Getting the Right Mattress Topper

If you're missing out on a good night's rest, it could be that you need a Mattress Topper for your bed.  Mattress toppers give you support while you sleep so it should be the right firmness.  Not too hard as it will not conform  to the contures of  your body and not too soft because you will have the feeling of being swallowed.

But finding the right mattress topper needs consideration in a few things.

The size you will need - twin, full, queen, king or California king.  It is strongly suggested that you measure the length and width of your mattress to ensure the mattress and mattress topper match.  This will make for a better night's sleep.  Some mattress/mattress topper companies may use slightly different measurements in bed sizing.
The type of mattress topper - latex or memory foam.  These two are the most common type of mattress toppers.  Latex toppers are made from the pure sap of the rubber tree, so it is a natural, porous and biodegradable mattress topper.  Memory foam mattress toppers are made from polyurethane products derived from petroleum. 

Both of these provide luxury comfort and great support for your spine, shoulders, neck and limbs.  Both are naturally hypoallergenic mattress toppers.  They are also mite, mold, and dust resistant. 
There are also down, wool and cotton mattress toppers that you may prefer to check out.
The thickness of your mattress topper is usually 1 - 4".  Some 1-2"  mattress toppers provide a better feeling to your sleep.  The 3-4" mattress topper also provides that great feeling to your sleep but can also help improve the texture and feel of your bed.

Your Mattress Topper is important for a better night's rest.  Check out these mattress toppers and make the right choice for you to enjoy a great's sleep.